Shane Gillis at Township Auditorium

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Township Auditorium | Columbia, South Carolina

Shane Gillis

Comedians are actually very observant. They take pieces of their lives and culture to weave humorous stories, but if you look past the expletives and the gimmicks there’s actually a lot of intelligent social commentary happening. Comedians give you a new perspective on a lot of societal issues and frequently force you to think about the way you treat others. A lot can really be learned from what we laugh about. So come and have a laugh, and maybe you’ll be able to take a thing or two from the show!

Forget the TV, give yourself a real night off and head to see Shane Gillis take to the stage for 2023! Get ready to laugh ‘til you drop as Shane Gillis brings the most hilarious bits and one-liners to Columbia this December! Stand-up has never been funnier as this flawless act have you talking to your friends about it for years to come! A true highlight for the season in the national comedy tour! Head down to the venue and transported away to a place where your cheeks will ache from laughter! The tour has been the talk of the state and has been awarded top reviews all across the internet, with magazine critics and fellow comedians across the globe, so it's no wonder that the excitement surrounding this tour is exploding! North American fans prepare to be blown away from a night of unparalleled comedy and the very best in current punchlines. The Township Auditorium is the perfect comedy venue in Columbia to host this event given the large capacity. We know this whole night is music to your ears! Be sure to book your tickets above and secure your seats for this once in a lifetime show!

Shane Gillis at Township Auditorium

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